Products for the broader market introduced by Vestergaard Company and Kalmar Motor

In 2017, Vestergaard Company and Kalmar Motor announced a formal link in the cooperation of the two companies.

At the inter airport Europe in Munich in October 2017 both companies continued their innovative aim to widen their product portfolios and provide solutions for a broader market.

Kalmar Motor re-introduced the TBL100, a fully-electric towbarless tractor for small to medium-range aircraft. In 1988, the TBL100 was the very first towbarless tractor for commercial aircraft and today the updated version can also be used for shorter distance inter-gate towing as well as push-back. The unit has been designed with simplicity in mind for both operation and maintenance to maximize its daily operation potential. The TBL100 is as before, manufactured in Sweden with the well-reputed quality and innovative approach that Kalmar Motor is known for.

In Munich Vestergaard Company introduced a new and less costly version of their Elephant MY aircraft deicer, the MY Lite. This unit is built for pre-mix operations with a capacity of 7.600 liters in total. It is a nofrills unit in a standard configuration built on a Volvo chassis in the quality that Vestergaard products are known for. The MY Lite has a short lead time and has low maintenance. It is easy to operate and therefore training is reduced.

In 2016 Vestergaard Company also introduced new, less costly versions of their water- and toilet service trucks. The Z-line – known as the ZVTS and the ZWS – are units without winterization especially designed for warmer weather operations, but with the well-known benefits of the Vestergaard range of water- and toilet service trucks, such as the toilet service trucks’ unique vacuum system for easy and effective operations and very low downtime and minimal maintenance costs.

Kalmar Motor has a wide range of conventional towbar and towbarless tractors in many sizes both diesel, full electric and hybrid. Vestergaard Company develops, manufactures and services aircraft deicing units, water and toilet units and aircraft washers and also has a wide product range that matches all types of aircraft. Both companies focus on optimal utilization of their units with minimal maintenance and minimal use of both time and fuel/deicing fluid.

With the newly introduced models, Kalmar Motor and Vestergaard Company make quality ground handling equipment available to even more ground handlers, airlines,  and airports around the world.

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