ALSTEF chosen for new Moscow terminal baggage handling system

ALSTEF is going to provide the baggage handling system for new Terminal C1 of Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. Sheremetyevo Airport traffic reached nearly 40 Million passengers last year and its growth is strengthening with the increasing of the Russian airline company Aeroflot.

After commissioning new Terminal B, two months ago, a 15 Million passengers Terminal dedicated to Aeroflot Hub domestic flights, MASH/TPS has just started the building of a new International Terminal with a capacity of 15 Million passengers.

MASH/TPS renewed its trust in ALSTEF for the design and provision of the baggage handling system for this new Terminal C1.

This system will include the latest ALSTEF technologies such as BAGXenter for high-speed centering/re-orienting bags or BAGShuttle to store bags in advance.

Installation will include a Standard 3 safety control, a tiltray sorter and an automated connection with other Terminals.

The operating will be made by ALSTEF BAGWARE software that will also manage the follow up of passengers and their baggage depending on their customs status, like for Terminal Band the connection system between different Terminals.

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