Weigel TrackJet helps St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo airport, even in summer


What do you do with a snow blower when there is no snow anymore?

WeiglThe authorities at St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Airport did not have to think twice: Quickly the decision was taken to combine its Supra snowblower from German supplier Schmidt, with the Weigel TJ Front Module 2520 SWD-124.

The system was invented by Weigel-TrackJet for those instances where airports have invested in a carrier vehicle and in addition to its original function want to also use it for rubber removal or demarking on runways.

The system is not only limited to the combination with snow blowers, such as those from Schmidt or Kahlbacher, it can also be mounted to a Mercedes Unimog as well. The vehicles just need to fulfil one requirement: a front 160 kW PTO and suitable hydraulic equipment.

If your vehicle is compatible the advantages include:

• Can be mounted quickly to carrier vehicle

• Proven TrackJet technology

• Easy to store when not needed

• Easy to transport

• Water consumption only 24 l/min

• Efficient due to performance of up to 600 m²/h

• Suitable for both, rubber and paint removal

• Much lower investment than a self propelled rubber removal machine

These points in favour of the TJ Front module show how a single-use vehicle can be transformed into a multi-purpose helper at any airport. Pulkovo airport, for one, has taken full advantage.



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