Union welcomes commitment on Heathrow pay levels


GMB, the union for workers at Heathrow, has welcomed a commitment from Heathrow Holdings Ltd to work with their supply chain, in order to pay the London Living Wage to all directly and non-directly employed staff at Heathrow .

The union has been campaigning on behalf of its members, many of whom work for contracted employers at London Heathrow Airport, to be paid the London Living Wage which is £9.75 per hour. GMB have always supported and campaigned for Heathrow expansion and welcomed the Government’s decision on giving the go ahead for the expansion at Heathrow that will see the creation of up to 180,000 jobs, 40,000 jobs in the local area, double the apprenticeships at Heathrow, to a total of 10,000, and up to £211bn in economic benefits across the UK by 2050.

In return Heathrow has informed GMB that it will announce their more detailed plans in 2017 to become a London Living Wage employer once they have completed work with their contracted supply chain and their own regulatory cycle.

The Davis Commission report on the expansion contained a condition for Heathrow to demonstrate leadership as a community employer by adopting The London Living wage as part of the planning consent for the Heathrow expansion. Heathrow Airport has accepted this condition and is committed to moving forward to become a London Living Wage community.

Perry Phillips, GMB’s Regional Organiser for Aviation at Heathrow said This is good news for many GMB members and workers at London Heathrow Airport and is a positive step in the right direction that Heathrow Ltd has now demonstrated its commitment on becoming a London Living Wage employer.”

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