Trump laptop ban “could change business flying permanently”

A broadening of the laptop ban on flights to the US from other European countries “will have a deeply negative impact” on the international business community according to Mark Jenkinson, director of bespoke air charter firm, Hunt and Palmer.

Jenkinson was responding to reports that President Trump was considering extending the ban from select high risk countries.

“This has the potential to both hinder business and hit the airlines bottom line, as execs decide they cannot afford a day of time flying to the US without such a crucial business tool,” he said.

“For businesspeople who fly regularly, not being able to have a laptop or tablet onboard when travelling to the US could wipe out an entire billable day. It’s a big cost and a cost that the major commercial airlines could ultimately be set to pay.

“If implemented, this broadening of US policy could have a profound effect on the mainstream airline industry as it disincentives businesses to travel. With the quality of video conferencing today, we could see international business spilt into a world of high quality video calls and private air charter.”

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