System can monitor multiple airport parking sites

Car parking systems operator APT Skidata has developed a new system that it says should help car parking operators at airports manage multiple sites.

The company, whose UK clients include Heathrow, has launched INS Reports – a new Cloud-based reporting and management information system to enable car park operators using APT Skidata technology to see real time ‘Inside Intelligence’ of their entire portfolio.

While real-reporting is in itself not new, Pete Brown, Managing Director of APT Skidata, believes this is the first time that car park operators have been able to view the status of all their sites from a single dashboard: “With INS Reports we are giving them the inside intelligence they need to make management easier and further improve the parking experience for the customer,” he says.

The company has developed the web-based interface to mirror data from the parking systems installed. Users can log in anywhere and at any time via a dedicated online interface/portal to see information on all their car parks, from takings and payment types to dwell time and occupancy levels.

The accuracy and timeliness of the information is such that operators can even monitor the volume and value of visitors within a car park who have not yet paid.

Since all of the data is stored in the cloud, Pete explains, it can also be retrieved at a later date to compare performance across sites and monitor trends: “The system has been designed to give operators the information they need at their fingertips,” he continues, “so that they can take immediate decisions based on real time data, or review information subsequently to set longer-term strategies to optimise their parking portfolio.”

APT Skidata is a joint-venture of SWARCO AG and SKIDATA AG in Austria.


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