Stuttgart uses new fire tender design


Stuttgart Airport has been operating Germany’s first Magirus Superdragon X8 fire tender since July of this year. The 52-ton vehicle is able to reach a speed of 135 km/h accelerating from 0 to 80 km/h in 25 seconds, which is faster than international regulation requirements.

Allison transmissions were integral components from the beginning of the vehicle development process. Each transmission feature two integral and engine driven power take-off provisions to ensure enough power for the fire-fighting equipment without the need of a dedicated power divider.

The Iveco Superdragon X8 features a 17,000 liter water tank and a 2,500 liter tank for foam concentrate. For fire extinguishing operation the vehicle features a roof cannon, with a flow rate of 6000 l/min and a casting distance up to 90 meters, and a front cannon with a casting distance of more than 45 meters. The vehicle is capable of pump’n’roll operation.

The fire brigade at Stuttgart airport operates 24 specialty vehicles, including some 42-ton vehicles with 1,000 hp.

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