Storm Eleanor places pressure on travel providers

Malev Zrt Airline As Flights Grounded After 66 Years

British Airways cancelled a number of flights as Storm Eleanor brought gale force winds and torrential rain to the UK and parts of continental Europe. In the “always on, always connected” world, companies are under increasing pressure to keep travellers abreast of updates when disruption strikes.

To navigate crisis situations, airlines and online travel agencies (OTAs) are turning to digital solutions to meet high customer expectations by fast tracking communication with passengers and speeding up the complaint resolution process.

Global technology provider Intelenet Global Services advises that next-generation technologies such as automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) can contribute significant efficiencies to airlines’ customer service.

Bhupender Singh, CEO of Intelenet Global Services, comments: “When flights are delayed or cancelled, travel providers are responsible for catering to customers in their hour of need. But the advent of smartphone has led to passengers demanding real-time updates to minimise travel disruption, placing companies under more pressure than ever.

“Speed is of the essence for today’s customer, making them quick to air their concerns via social media when dissatisfied. In order to avoid public disputes, travel providers are implementing communication systems which fast-track the claims calculation process, providing customers with the regular updates they deserve.

“In a competitive market, companies are increasingly turning towards automated solutions such as iCAN™, which has cut dispute processing times by 60 per cent, enabling travel providers to manage a higher volume of complaints with the utmost efficiency.

“Harnessing innovative technologies will allow front-line staff to remain one step ahead by successfully navigating delays and cancellations, boosting positive customer sentiment and streamlining costs.”

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