Stavanger to reduce queuing with Herbert TRS

Herbert Systems has won a contract to supply six of their new TRS Automatic Tray Return Systems to Stavanger Sola Airport in Norway

They will be installed in the security checkpoint area to speed throughput of passengers, reduce queuing and save costs.

The Herbert TRS is a highly flexible modular system for handling cabin baggage that is designed to eliminate the bottlenecks and stress that can occur at security checkpoints, move passengers through the area at greater speed and, at the same time, free up security staff to spend less time moving trays and more time maintaining a security presence. As a modular system, it is also easily configured to fit into almost any space.

Stavanger’s current manual system for handling cabin baggage at the security checkpoint involves the transfer of trays by trolley, which is time consuming, labour intensive and also causes conflict with in-bound passengers when the queue maze reaches capacity. The trays are also small, increasing the number of trays that need to be handled.

Stavanger Airport’s operator, Avinor, visited the Herbert stand at Passenger Terminal Expo in Copenhagen last year, where they witnessed the Herbert TRS at first hand. Herbert’s engineers then travelled to Stavanger to witness the problems and safety issues associated with the current system to devise the most efficient layout for a TRS system.

A spokesman for Avinor commented: “It’s correct that first interest of TRS first came up at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Copenhagen. From there Avinor launched a competition, inviting several companies to make a proposal. It was a very close race at the final, but Herbert Systems won the contract.

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