Stansted launches ‘honesty box’ water stations

Stansted has launched a scheme that it says helps keep passengers hydrated during flights.

The departure gates in the international departure lounge now have water stations to allow passengers to grab a bottle of mineral water before boarding. To make the process quick and easy to prevent delays, there are no vending machines, tills nor retail staff collecting payment. Instead, these are the first water stations of their kind in English airports to have honesty boxes.

“We’re relying on people to put in a £1 or essentially what they can afford,” said Cina Barreto, Account Manager – Experiential at Blackjack Promotions, which is providing personnel to monitor stock levels across Stansted’s new water stations. “A team member will visit regularly to check bottle count, ensuring the shelves are full and deliveries have been put out, so there is always a constant supply available for passengers.”

Early signs suggest that travellers are pleased with the new service, according to the airport.

“The convenience factor is certainly going down well and people so far have been using the honesty boxes, indicating that they are happy to pay for the service, which they are clearly viewing as a kindness on behalf of the airport, not to mention feeling trusted,” Barreto added.


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  1. Dublin Airport has been doing this for five years – one euro per bottle; 92% of people drop a euro in the box proving that passengers are honest! They call it ‘Plane Water’!

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