SITA’s AirportHub now available at 300 airports

SITA’s AirportHub

Some 300 airports in more than 100 countries are now using shared infrastructure which allows airlines to connect all their applications and IT systems at an airport. It removes the complexity of dealing with local telecom providers and adds flexibility and agility to route management, according to SITA.

SITA connectIt estimates that by 2030, 18,000 airline communication connections will be needed at the world’s airports. The number and size of airports is also rising it says – 500 new airports – a 30% increase over today – and a 40% capacity growth in existing airports.  The challenge the industry faces with this expansion is have reliable, secure, high performance communications – consistently across the world’s airports – for airlines, ground handlers, maintenance companies, other airport tenants and the airports themselves.

SITA AirportHub is an airport-wide shared connectivity platform that allows airports to provide their airlines, ground handlers and other tenants with secure and reliable bandwidth, including wireless connectivity to access off-airport applications.

Matthew Billings, Chair of Membership Committee, SITA and VP Technology Services at Virgin Atlantic, speaking at the Air Transport IT Summit being held in Barcelona, said: “SITA AirportHub makes opening new routes much quicker and easier. When airlines are connecting their systems at an airport they can now do so within a matter of weeks not months. This streamlined approach is efficient and cost-effective. Many airlines are keen to work with their airport partners who don’t already have SITA AirportHub in place to consider its adoption.”


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