SITA and NEC join forces on border control technology


SITA and NEC Europe (NEC) have announced an agreement to jointly provide an automated border control (ABC) gate solution

securityIt incorporates sophisticated biometrics technology for use at immigration control points at airports in the European Union (EU). The agreement comes as EU member states implement recommendations to move to self-service border control using ABC gates.

The speed and accuracy of the SITA/NEC automated border control gate will help speed up passenger flows at border control checkpoints while improving security and resource management. It incorporates face recognition, and optionally fingerprint verification, against e-passport data. Passengers can be processed through the SITA/NEC ABC gate in just 10 seconds or less.

Dan Ebbinghaus, SITA Vice President, Government Solutions, said: “SITA has significant experience in dealing with the challenges facing border control authorities around the globe and automated border control (ABC) gates are recognised as a potential solution to the combined goals of improving the passenger journey and increasing border security.

“Working with NEC, our ABC gates combine SITA’s air transport industry experience and market knowledge with the fastest and most accurate face recognition software in the market. This combination will provide significant benefits to border control and airport authorities.”

A core element in this ABC solution is NEC’s “NeoFace” face recognition algorithm, which provides speed, accuracy and performance regardless of the database size and image quality.

Chris de Silva, Vice President IT Solutions, NEC, said: “NEC has a long history in innovation and with NeoFace we have extremely fast and accurate face recognition software, ideal for security applications. We have incorporated our software in a variety of security-based applications, but by integrating it into this new ABC gate, we believe it will significantly improve the efficiency of processing people through control checkpoints.”


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