Shanghai Airport gets runway monitoring system

Shanghai Airport

ERA Company has been awarded a contract to deploy its surface multilateration system at Pudong Airport in Shanghai, China. The contract was assigned by East China Regional air Traffic Management Bureau if Civil Aviation in China.

pudong copyTo accommodate the growing traffic volumes at the airport Chinese ATM officials decided that a precision runway monitoring (PRM) system was necessary due to the three parallel runways there.

The proposed surveillance system for the Pudong airport surface management is based on central time architecture and should consist of 30 receiving stations, the PRM system consisting of 5 WAM sites will be located out of the airport premises .

The system will provide Shanghai Airport Authority air traffic controllers with uninterrupted identification of aircraft and equipped vehicles and the surface sensors will cover all manoeuvring areas. The project is expected to be completed by 2016.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the primary international airport serving Shanghai area and a major aviation hub for Asia. Pudong airport has two main passenger terminals, flanked on both sides by three parallel runways.

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