Safety management system wins at inter airport awards

Inter Airport

An advancement of an existing product that was launched this year has merited the interDATA section of the inter airport awards.

Inter Airport
Roar Skogstad, CEO of Opscom Systems receives the award for the interDATA category

The system is fully modularised and can be adapted to the customer’s needs, while still meeting the requirements for a complete Safety Management System (SMS) as set out by ICAO. It is vital for aviation companies to allocate tasks in a structured manner, to carry out timely and high quality inspections, to register occurrences and subsequent proceedings, as well as distributing documents to all relevant parties. Opscom allows for all of these actions to be done on one sole platform. Opscom also helps operators display statistics, reveal trends and potential risk areas, providing the customer with improved chances of preventing dangerous situations or accidents.

Opscom Systems Ltd builds all its systems on the same basic platform with ICAO’s SMS manual at the base. The main difference between the systems lies within the user interface and the design and the terminology used. This approach enables Opscom to adapt to several specific segments of operations.

There are four main systems for airports: Opscom Aerodromes System for airlines: Opscom Fixed & Rotary System for ANS/TWR: Opscom ANSP System for maritime operations: Opscom Maritime.

The software is proprietary, but the development has been strongly influenced by customers’ requirements which often involve highly complex operations. The company started its product development through cooperating with the Norwegian Air Force in 2005. Through development contracts and with the Air Force itself using the safety management system, that relationship has provided the company with a perspective for long-term development.


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