Runway weather forecast tool gets upgrade

Forecast toolThe Met Office has launched an enhanced and upgraded version of its OpenRunway product to help airports and airlines operate as safely and efficiently as possible with the most accurate forecast information. New features include a mobile and tablet friendly interface, improved mapping and weather layer information and 24 hour forecast information.

According to the Met Office the online weather forecasting package advises when runways require treatment to weather conditions breaching thresholds set by the user. It also advises when they can stay open during marginal weather situations.

The enhanced version of the product includes a 24 hour overview, TAF and METAR access and customisable red, amber and green (RAG) thresholds

Ian Cameron, Exec Head of Aviation from the Met Office comments:  “We always work closely with our customers and listen to their feedback on our products, and this has allowed us to enhance the product even further to meet the evolving needs of the aviation industry and provide a service which caters exactly to their needs.”

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