Robot bird showcased at Farnborough

Robot bird / bird drone for testing bird strikes at airports, presented at Farnborough air show

Robird is a mechanical flying bird, or ornithopter, drone designed for bird control. It is flown by a pilot under the UK CAA regulations for operating drones. Clear Flight Solutions and 3iC will be operating Robird at the Farnborough Airshow as part of the Flying display from Monday 11th to Friday 15th July.

Bird droneRobird is electrically powered drone and weights 800 grammes all up weight.  Robird’s flying action mimics a genuine Peregrine Falcon, and as a result, live birds believe it is a predatory raptor, which appeals to the fundamental instincts of natural birds for their own survival.  The birds are not simply scared, they are concerned for their survival and take action to move away from their predator.  As a result, claim the developers, Robird is much more effective that conventional bird scaring techniques, such as bangs, flashes and bird distress calls.

Not being a real bird, Robird does not have a predatory instinct, so is more ecologically friendly by not harming or killing the birds it seeks to remove.  Also, Robird does not have animal welfare issues associated with live falcons.  Robird will fly whenever it is required to fly – it doesn’t get tired or hungry and doesn’t need to stop for water.  Robird can be flown autonomously on a predetermined course or manually, reacting to the chased birds and controlled by its skilled pilot.

The Robird has been developed by Clear Flight Solutions and 3iC who provide bird control service for the airport, port, waste management and agricultural sectors.  The service would be tailored for the client depending on the time of year (have the birds already nested or not), the species birds to be controlled, the natural environment and the area to be covered.

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