Research links vehicle colour to passenger destination


New research from Airport Parking and Hotels ( has revealed that the colour of a passenger’s car can dictate which winter holiday destination they are likely to choose.

Using data from around 5,000 motorists who booked airport parking over the 2015 festive season, including car colour and country destination, has compiled a list of where its customers are most likely to head over the festive period, according to the shade of their daily transport.

Combining this research with the top 10 car colours sold in the UK during 2016, it seems that UK passengers with silver vehicles (the country’s top-selling colour) will be crossing the pond to the USA and Orlando in particular, for a little winter relief. Tenerife, France, Switzerland come close behind with skiing and winter sun also a firm favourite on the silver car owners’ winter wish list.’s findings also revealed Tenerife coming out on top for drivers of Black, Blue, White, Orange, Burgundy and Bronze cars whereas it drops to a disappointing seventh place for Brown car drivers.

The winter travel habits of motorists with beige cars were also found to be far from their bland reputation with Munich taking the top spot and other destinations including Goa, Barcelona and Egypt.

Along with using the data to show the most popular destinations for individual car colours, has also crunched the figures to create a tool that can dynamically pick the ideal destination for couples looking for a winter sun escape – as dictated by the shade of both their cars…..

Using real-life data revealing the top destinations by car colour, the widget takes the paint colour of both cars and calculates the complementary hue for that combination before revealing the corresponding destination.


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