Reflective barrier developed for night boarding


Boarding a plane at night

A reflective barrier that can be used to increase safety and visibility for passengers and airside staff boarding aircraft at night, has been developed by Tensator.

Incorporating reflective strands woven directly into the webbing of the barrier, NightView is designed to highlight potential hazardous areas to night shift staff, or for those working in environments with restricted light such as airline professionals.

According to the company the product is compatible with its Airport Passenger Guidance systems, which can be used to create a clearer pathway for passengers during the hours of darkness, particularly for vehicles that are navigating the runway.

Brett Hellyer, Business Development Manager, said: “Over 600,000 non-fatal injuries were reported by workers in 2014/15, with the risk of being involved in an accident rising by 36 per cent during the hours of darkness. The chance of a slip, trip or fall or being struck by an object in the workplace will always be present, but technology could have a significant impact and help reduce the risk of accidents and potential injuries.

“We work alongside some of the biggest businesses and transport hubs across the world to help them control the flow of employees, customers and passengers. Above all else, we know that the most important part of that journey is safety.”



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