ProMove Sling enhances Heathrow customer experience

UK airline and airport assistance services provider, OmniServ has been working in partnership with the airlines at Heathrow to deploy nearly 100 innovative new ProMove Sling devices across the airport’s terminals, significantly enhancing the level of care offered to PRM (People with Reduced Mobility) passengers.

The ProMove Sling is an easily transportable, lightweight option for lifting and transferring PRM passengers when it is impractical to deploy a powered hoist. When used correctly by properly trained staff, it is safe, comfortable and dignified, reducing the need for support personnel to touch the passenger or the danger of causing any injury such as bruising or shearing.

The design of the sling allows two, three or four support personnel to share the load via the strategically-placed padded handles, allowing each to get a proper grip and spreading the weight that each individual person must lift.

Marc Buckle, General Manager at OmniServ, says: “The ProMove Sling is a brilliant solution to the challenges of helping PRM passengers in and out of wheelchairs in a restricted space. What’s more, it’s a British invention designed by Dr Huw Thomas, who had muscular dystrophy, for his own needs when travelling. Dr Thomas has now sadly passed away, but his invention lives on to help others.”

Dana Thomas, Director of ProMove UK Ltd, said: “The ProMove Sling is exactly the kind of invention we are constantly looking for at OmniServ, to allow us to raise our game when it comes to the dignity and care at all times to our PRM Customers. It is efficient, safe, comfortable and reliable. OmniServ is committed to delivering the best possible experience for all passengers, and we will continue to evaluate the latest technologies that will help us deliver on that promise.”

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