New secure lighting system for Gatwick pier

Gatwick Airport, airside view

A new lighting system has been installed at the long Pier 1 which runs alongside the baggage system and gates at Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal Building.

The Kallwall system offers complete line-of-sight protection, maintaining privacy for building occupants while bathing the interior with diffused daylighting regardless of the weather, according to the developers.

It can also be manufactured for blast resistant applications such as in airports and other sensitive public environments, or to protect workers in areas at risk from explosions, such as in refineries or industrial complexes.

With heavy duty impact resistance properties, access through wall or rooflights can be denied while fire and most chemicals will not affect its surface.

Kalwall will eliminate shadows and glare and the stark contrasts of light and shade, the developers claim. The system also does not require blinds, curtains or solar control.  Even on cloudy days, the interior is flooded with natural daylight, which means less artificial lighting and, because Kalwall is highly insulating, energy costs are reduced.  The standard Kalwall 70mm thick panel offers insulation up to 0.28W/m2K – equivalent to a cavity filled solid wall, the manufacturers say.


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