New scanner “allows passengers to keep shoes on”

New UV-scan technology that detects dangerous substances in passenger footwear in airports has been developed by INTOS, together with Stage Gate 11 (SG11)

The Shoescanner is a detection unit that uses UV light to more accurately and rapidly pick out passengers who have hidden unsafe and undesirable substances in their shoes, the developers claim.

The Shoescanner scans passenger footwear as they pass through, without anyone having to remove their shoes. This increases the efficiency of security checks in airports and the passengers are checked in a far friendlier manner, the company says.

The scanner is based on the UV-scan technology that SG11 has owned the exclusive mondial rights to and has developed since last year. The technology, discovered at the University of Florida, detects traces of substances using UV reflection. It compares the emitted beam of light with the reflected one that has bounced off a surface. Because all substances have their own unique patterns, the technology rapidly and accurately recognises traces of, for example, explosives or narcotics, according to the developers

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