New markings at Chopin Airport

Wayfinding system at Chopin Airport

A new wayfinding system has been introduced at Chopin Airport. Coloured lines, showing the way to the taxi rank, bus stop or the airport railway station, have been placed on the ground right from the exit from the arrivals hall. The yellow line leads to the taxis, the purple one to the buses and the green one to the train.

Chopin markingsOn each line information about remaining distance is provided: the shortest being the walk to the taxi rank (approx. 25 metres), and the longest to the railway station (up to 300 metres). The paths are marked in such a way so that the walk is the shortest possible.

“The passengers complained about the previous markings and signage being poorly visible and confusing. So we decided to introduce a solution known from other airports and railway stations. Bright lines on the floor are clearly noticeable and will help travellers keep to the right path. The first reactions are very enthusiastic, so apparently the idea was a good one,” says Radosław Paruzel, Chopin Airport deputy director.

Apart from ‘direction lines’, clear signs warning arriving passengers about the so-called fake taxis have also been placed throughout the terminal. The black warning signs and yellow boards with information on recommended taxi companies can be found in the baggage reclaim hall and on every exit at the arrivals level.


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