New baggage reconciliation system at Almaty

Almaty Airport has installed a new common-use platform and baggage reconciliation system. The airport of Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan, which continues to be the major commercial and cultural centre of the country, implemented Amadeus Airport Common Use Service (ACUS) and will soon implement Amadeus Airport Baggage Reconciliation Solution (BRS).

According to the developers, the system removes the burden and high costs associated to the deployment of many airline DCSs in the airport as well as the maintenance of individual network connections airlines have to each airport they operate in.

ACUS will enable check-in agents to access DCSs of the airlines operating in the airport through the thin client workstation. Additionally, with ACUS, Almaty Airport could choose to have the possibility of checking passengers in from a mobile device with Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G, anytime and anywhere in the airport premises and off-site. This means, say the system designers, that passengers could in the future check-in and remotely drop their bags in the airport departures car parking area, at a cruise terminal, and at a convention centre or hotel lobby which brings greater flexibility for both the traveller and for the airport.

“Amadeus’ technology will bring our check-in and baggage reconciliation processes into the modern day to meet the current and future demands and expectations of our airline customers and travellers,” comments Galym Yespayev, CIO of Almaty Airport. “We can now offer a much more advanced technological environment for our airline customers and their passengers”.

Almaty Airport will also implement Amadeus BRS which will match each passenger with their baggage to ensure efficient management of luggage at the airport.


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