New baggage detection system passes ECAC standard

Smiths Detection says its HI-SCAN 6040aTiX cabin baggage X-ray system is the first in the industry to pass the new ECAC explosives detection standard.

It claims that airports using the system can dispense with random searches using additional explosive trace detectors or dogs, while also speeding up the inspection process and boosting throughput.

Additional benefits for airports include cost savings for administration and maintenance, as there is no need to use threat image projection to review operator performance – the complexity of X-ray images remain consistently the same.

ECAC is focused on moving towards automatic detection of explosives in cabin baggage through the latest standards. EDS CB C2 systems will take automation a step further, meaning that electronic devices such as laptops can remain in bags. By introducing the new EDS standards, ECAC is both increasing the security level at aviation checkpoints whilst also facilitating operational improvements. Further, any system which meets EDS CB C1, C2 or C3 is automatically considered to have achieved EDS HBS (Hold Baggage Screening) Standard 3.



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