New A-CDM system at Paris airports

charles-de-gaulle-airport-original-8636ADB Safegate will introduce a new integrated management system at Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and ORLY (ORY). As a component of the A-CDM process, new apron management systems and docking systems will be implemented at both airports with a potential of up to 450 units, maintained and supported to enhance airport throughput and tackle congestion.

“Paris is among Europe’s busiest airspaces – while Paris Orly Airport (ORY) is the busiest French airport for domestic traffic, Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) is the continent’s second busiest airport with nearly 66 million passengers in 2015. We also have the highest flight movements at 476,000, up 1% during 2014-15,” said Gérard Batistella, Single European Sky Director at Groupe ADP the airport authority that owns and manages the three main airports in the Paris area. “A-CDM is vital to increase capacity, and the new apron management solutions will further improve communication between the different stakeholders by displaying critical information from the airport network, helping shorten the airport transit process time and improving airport efficiency and punctuality by adding safety and automation to the arrival and departure process for aircraft in accordance with the SESAR initiatives.”

ADB Safegate will design, implement, maintain and support both CDG and ORY with its SafeControl – Apron Management System and Safedock Advanced Visual Docking and Guidance Systems (A-VDGS). The systems will strengthen the existing A-CDM process which was first launched in 2005 at CDG and in 2012 at ORY.

The new systems support the SESAR A-CDM project led by ADP called “TSAT to the gate”, where TSAT stands for Targeted Start Up Approval Time. The Safedock A-VDGS screens seek to consolidate the pre-departure sequence, enhance predictability by implementing the recommended milestones and displaying TSAT and other important A-CDM information to all stakeholders involved in the airport transit process. The docking systems will allow both CDG and ORY to maximize safety and efficiency on the taxi-in and out process, shorten airport transit times, reduce damage risk and support more efficient planning and routing.

ADB Safegate will supply and install 11 Safedock systems and the SafeControl – Apron Management System during 2016 and will continue with a cadence up to 100 docking systems per year.  With this, the airport will have the highest number of A-VDGS equipped gates of any European airport.

The SESAR A-CDM program has been implemented in 20 European airports as a direct response to airport congestion. A-CDM was first launched at CDG in 2005 when the process was identified to reduce operational consequences and improve recovery time after occasions like the heavy snowfall that disrupted operations for several days in 2003.

ORLY successfully implemented A-CDM early this year allowing knowledge to be shared to streamline operations at the airport.


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