Najaf International gets new cargo screening system

Iraq’s Najaf International airport

Iraq’s Najaf International airport is using a new cargo and vehicle screening system and Gemini parcel inspection systems to secure the airport from threats and contraband.

NajavThe system supplied by American Science and Engineering Inc will be used for scanning incoming vehicles as well as baggage for weapons, vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED), drugs, and other threats and contraband.

Passengers and freight forwarders are increasingly turning to Najaf Airport for their international air travel and shipping requirements, said Sheikh Faed Al-Shimary, Director General of the Najaf Airport Authority

AS&E X-ray detection systems are used for aviation screening operations by customers in Asia, Latin America, the European Union, and Africa. For example, Hong Kong Customs deploys the Gemini System for baggage screening operations at Hong Kong International Airport. Taiwan Aviation Police deploys the Z Portal system and Gemini system to detect organic threats and other contraband in air cargo routed through Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Th X-ray inspection system was instrumental in detecting 244 cartons of ketamine, one of the largest narcotics seizures in Taiwan in the past few years.

To secure this order, AS&E worked closely with its distributor, ASJ, in Najaf, Iraq.

The Z Portal system has a compact footprint and is safe for drivers, operators, cargo, and the environment, making it ideal for high-traffic locations with space constraints. The screening system is available in two sizes one for large trucks, buses, and cargo vehicles, and a smaller size for passenger vehicles.

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