Manchester makes space for plane spotters

Manchester Airport Metrolink Car Park opening makes way for aeroplane spotters

Metrolink Car Park openingManchester Airport has opened a new facility for aviation enthusiasts and Metrolink passengers close to the end of Runway 1.  Accessed from Shadow Moss Road/Ringway Road, the new  Car Park supplements the excellent facilities already available at the Runway Visitor Park. Enthusiasts now have a safe off road location to  obtain different photograph angles of airborne aircraft.

Wayne Poole Manchester Airport Passenger Services Director commented:

”We know that our business provides much interest and fascination for many thousands of people and we are delighted to offer these new facilities for aviation enthusiasts without causing nuisance for local residents or congestion on the roads.” This new facility was  officially opened by Liam McManus, an aviation enthusiast who lives locally; and so already benefits from these fantastic photo opportunities on a daily basis. Mr McManus was pleased to see these facilities provided and become available to his fellow enthusiasts. Parking charges are £2 for each hour and can be paid either by cash or card at the Car Park. 
-Pictured are (left to right) Wayne Poole (Manchester Airport Passenger Services Director), Liam McManus (Local Aviation Enthusiast) and Martin Mookerji (Manchester Airport Programme Delivery Manager)

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  1. Rather dear fees as usual for parking. Everybody appreciates the parking site will have cost money to be provided for aviation enthusiast but £2 for an hour is over the top given the amount of people who will no doubt attend frequently and the cost will soon be recovered very quickly. The profits at the airport are already being made with the cost of parking within the airport complex where the price to park there is absolutely horrendous.

  2. Thought parking at the AVP was over the top but this takes the biscuit. Take a leaf out of Heathrow’s book and make parking affordable and people will use it, if not you will have people parking all over the place

  3. and you can shove me parking in there as its priced out of the market, those of us who are in the know, know where to park without causing disturbance or nuisance to the locals and if we wont pay the viewing park prices which are by far to expensive for us regulars why do you think we will pay a quid less and get no facilities. You must be joking.

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