London Luton Airport to adopt new security planning system

London Luton Airport (LLA) has announced a new contract with Copenhagen Optimization (CopOpt) to introduce its Better Security platform, in order to improve the efficiency of LLA’s security search area.

CopOpt will deliver the system through Better Airport, its cloud-based planning platform. Better Security has already been successfully implemented at other European airports, including Geneva Airport and Dublin Airport, according to Luton’s management.

Improvements to the security area are a key part of LLA’s transformation and investment programme, to allow the operations team to manage increased passenger numbers.

As well as Better Security, LLA will also be introducing Better Forecast, which is part of the Better Airport platform. Both systems will help staff to predict the number of passengers using the security area at any given time, helping to ensure that the right number of staff are in place at peak times, avoiding delays.

It says that users of Better Airport have reported reduced waiting times, reduced stress levels for both staff and passengers, and increased staff efficiency.

Kasper Hounsgaard, Managing Partner at CopOpt, said: “Being able to access all modules of Better Airport on laptops, tablets, and smart phones, will make the communication and tracking of airport operations more intuitive and hassle-free.”

Neil Thompson, Operations Director at London Luton Airport, said: “This new planning system marks another milestone in the current transformation of the airport. Passengers will benefit from a smoother journey through the security area thanks to this innovative system.”


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