Lapland popularity sparks airport investment plan

Finavia’s large-scale investment of around €55m will enable the further growth of Lapland’s tourism industry and increase Finland’s accessibility. With this development programme, Finavia’s investment in Lapland’s tourism industry in the next few years will increase to nearly €100m.

There has been record-breaking growth in the number of passengers at Lapland’s airports, and last year the number of passengers reached 1.3m. The growth from the previous year was 23 per cent. The investment programme now being launched by Finavia will allow Lapland’s airports to serve two million passengers a year.

The aim of the development programme at Lapland’s airports is to improve the customer experience and service level and increase capacity as well as to ensure safe traffic even as the number of flights and passengers grows.

Investments in environmental protection will be made at the same time. Finavia will make the recovery and recycling of the glycol used in aircraft de-icing more efficient, thereby reducing the environmental impact of air traffic on bodies of water.

The expansion work at all airports will start in early May 2018. The plan is to finish all the work by December 2019. The work will be carried out in phases so that Finavia will be able to respond to potential changes in market conditions. The expansion work at Lapland’s airports will be carried out in a way that will not affect air or passenger traffic or cause any service interruptions.

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