Joint Global Action Plan for the reduction of the birdstrike risk to aviation


The World Birdstrike Association (formerly known as the International Bird Strike Committee) is the worldwide catalyst for improving flight safety by reducing the risks of bird (and other wildlife) strikes with aircraft in a cost-effective way.

BirdstrikesThey believe that this reduction will be achieved by encouraging and facilitating communication and collaboration amongst all stakeholders on a global, regional and national level.

At present, many organisations around the world are working independently towards preventing collisions between aircraft (civil and military) with birds and other wildlife. An effective coordination between global stakeholders has yet to be established. This hampers a consensus view and understanding of the hazard and the flight safety risk posed to aircraft operations, as well as for the wildlife concerned.

Therefore, the World Birdstrike Asssociation is convening a kick-off meeting for its initiative of get-ting the stakeholders to work together in developing a Joint Global Action Plan on the reduction of the birdstrike risk to aviation. The World Birdstrike Association aims to be the catalyst to harmonise and coordinate this. This Joint Global Action Plan will not attempt to reinvent the wheel but to build and strengthen stakeholder relationships and establish conversations that will lead to enhancing safety performance.

The meeting will take place in The Netherlands on 23-24 April, attended by the leading birdlife and aviation stakeholders from around the world.

The objectives of the meeting are to (1) agree on the initiative of a developing the Joint Global Action Plan, (2) establish a Steering Committee and associated Working Groups and (3) define and allocate adequate resources and support needed.


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