JLC Aviation Services joins ITW GSE as UK service partner

JLC Aviation Services has joined with the ITW GSE group of GPU (ground power unit) manufacturers, to become its authorised commissioning, installation and servicing partner in the UK.

ITW GSE manufacture a range of ground power systems and GPUs, of varying sizes and power capabilities, under the brand names of AXA Power, Hobart and Houchin. Appointed by ITW GSE, JLC Aviation already has experience of installing the company’s products. For example, JLC has recently installed eight AXA GPUs for British Airways at Heathrow Airport and four AXA units for Babcock International.

JLC will hold a selection of spare parts and accessories in the UK for supply to ITW GSE clients.

JLC has contracts to provide service to a number of UK airports, including London Gatwick and Farnborough, with regular servicing and maintenance for GPUs of various brands. It is also a UK agent for Anderson Air Motive power connectors and accessories.

Working from its base near to Gatwick Airport and covering the whole of the country, JLC’s experienced team includes some of those previously working for the Houchin maintenance team in the UK.


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