Isavia moves ID vetting process online

Iceland’s airport operator Isavia has upgraded its ID pass management process at Keflavik International Airport by going paperless and moving the entire vetting and issue process online.

The MTrust system developed by Human Recognition Systems is a single online portal for sponsor companies, airline and airport users to manage and issue people, vehicle and driver passes.

Keflavik International Airport has been experiencing significant growth in passenger traffic since 2010 after the volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajokull. Every year growth has been in double digits and on average growing by 21%. Back in 2010, Keflavik International Airport welcomed about 2.1 million passengers. This year  the airport expects a record number of 8.7 million passengers or growth of 2 million from 2016 (29% growth).

The volume of transfer traffic is also growing, with local carriers Icelandair and WOW air using the airport as a hub between Europe and North America. During summer 2017, 26 airlines will have scheduled flights to the airport and 12 of which operate year-round. The largest tourist markets for Iceland are the United States and the UK.

Throstur Soring, Operations Director at Keflavik International Airport: “In an ever-growing airport, we are always looking for ways to improve self-service automation for passengers and airport staff. Our massive passenger growth over a short space of time has inevitably led to a parallel growth in employees, which then also leads to a major increase in the number of airport ID passes being verified and issued. We wanted to make the process easier, both for us and the employee. That’s exactly what we look forward to in using MTrust at our new ID Office.”

Before Isavia chose MTrust, the organisation was looking to move away from a paper-based process for airport pass applications, aiming to shorten the procedure and strengthen the auditing trail. Approximately 1,000 new airport employees start at Keflavik International Airport for every additional million passengers, and there are also a high number of seasonal employees at the airport.

Isavia will also use the new system to remotely print temporary passes with enhanced security features, such as photography to aid visual verification and real-time checking of application validity.


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