Isavia launches new website

All passengers who pass through Keflavík Airport can now receive information on booked flights sent to them directly through Twitter and Facebook Messenger. These are among the services that are offered on Isavia’s new website and are of use to travellers embarking on long journeys this summer.

Passengers can thus receive information about their flights in real-time by means of the communications media they select. Each step in their journey is specified until they land at their destination.

Björn Óli Hauksson, Managing Director of Isavia said: “Isavia wishes to provide passengers with easy access to the information that they need when they need it and in the manner they prefer. To do so, we want to use the latest and best technology. BizTweet has made this possible for us.”

Paul Brugger, the Managing Director of BizTweet, says that it is a distinct pleasure to provide Isavia with this service. “We’re delighted to provide Isavia with a fully integrated multi-lingual, data-driven artificial intelligent solution across Twitter and Facebook within 3 weeks. The service will provide their passengers with real-time operational updates and answer customer service queries at a simple click of a button.

“BizTweet’s innovative technology empowers airports with a unique opportunity to provide data-driven artificial intelligent messages, which reaches a whole new level of personalization. For Isavia passengers this means the communication is highly personalized and highly relevant.”

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