Isavia enhances controller reporting capabilities

The Icelandic ANSP, Isavia, is to enhance the reporting and investigation capabilities of their ATC operations by including the full range of air traffic controller tools into the recorded media, including communication, automation and surveillance adding to the existing Frequentis DIVOS installation.

DIVOS, which is deployed via a private cloud, operates on a high-end enterprise IT platform, delivered in accordance with ATM compliant interfaces ED137 and developed to ED109 standard. Isavia manages Icelandic air traffic in one of the largest air spaces in the world, Reykjavik ACC, which measures 5.4 million square kilometres. The centralised management of recording information for the entire Reykjavik ACC, including the tower control at Keflavik and Reykjavik Oceanic Control Area (OCA), will reduce operational efforts for incident investigation, as well as technical aspects such as monitoring and configuration.

Based on the multi-national ANSP experience, the DIVOS solution is designed to provide a number of key functionalities to ANSP improve operations. This includes synchronised playback of all relevant recordings, nation-wide, multi-site synchronised incident reconstruction, adaptable user interface for varying roles, and a central quarantine to protect recorded data. Frequentis is the first supplier to have implemented the EUROCAE ED-137 specifications in all of its ATM communications products.

Teodor Simiganoschi, Project Manager/CNS Engineer at Isavia, commented: “Having the latest version of the DIVOS, compliant to EUROCAE ED-137, installed in our three main locations: Reykjavik, Keflavik and Reykjavik OCA is ensuring our investigators and engineers a high level of flexibility. Isavia’s DIVOS virtual environment implementation speeds up the deployment process and separates the software platform from hardware dependencies. For us it was important that our operations and our facilities remain at the forefront of technology, in order to manage our large air space and transatlantic gateway. Having installed the Frequentis IP Voice Communication system in 2014, we were confident that their recording solution would further enhance our operations.”

DIVOS is in use in over 50 countries and the solution has been enhanced to cover ED-137 Voice-over-IP specifications and at-the-glass recording of all controller positions in the ACC. Investigators and data analysts can utilise radar data and recordings across various sites to construct a full picture of an incident, thereby refining the work of the authorities.

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