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A lack of data in any industry would be disastrous, but when it comes to a business as important as aviation it is an absolutely vital component.

inter airportSystems are slowly taking over the more repetitive tasks in many airports – some areas of baggage handling, security scans, passport and entry control, for example – and they are responsible for such a vast amount of data that it would be inconceivable to work without them.

Airport management is one area in which data is crucial. Systems monitor every area, from staff and equipment to aircraft movements, and integrated processes can help to streamline operations for airport executives.

SITA maintains that what makes Airport Management special is the ability to take control of all your operations from one place. From service level agreements (SLAs) to passenger communications, from generating billing charges to real-time tracking of mobile resources, SITA has a solution.

Of course, airport management encompasses all things, so to focus on a very important specific let’s look at baggage handling.

inter airportBaggage handling companies are a mainstay at every airport exhibition around the world, offering as they do a service that no airport can do without. In the last 20 years or so, the technologies available with regard to this area have come on leaps and bounds.

Systems are now in place to detect liquid explosives, drugs, organic materials and anything that could potentially cause harm or disruption to passengers and staff. To see these systems in operation is something special, and it is hard to believe that the human element ever coped with such complicated processes. To be blunt, it would be impossible for humans to carry out the same level of security checks and still keep aircraft flying on schedule.

Vanderlande Industries are a regular feature at Inter Airport. The company designs, builds and services leading baggage handling systems for airports of all sizes. These belt, tub and/or track solutions combine operational effectiveness (low IR rates), short connection times and high conveyability together with effective integral control of baggage operations. Based on proven technology, in-depth business knowledge and industry best-practises, they claim to deliver the highest availability, reliability and lowest costs per bag. That’s what it’s about isn’t it?

inter airportAnd what of internet services and applications? Many airports have now launched their own apps, which help passengers to navigate their way effectively through the airports of the world, all the while alerting them to the many retail offerings that are available en route. These apps are used to generate revenues as well as to help passengers, the airports make no bones about it, and without effective internet and smartphone enabled technologies, these apps would not exist today. Can you imagine the server and network requirements of an airport? It’s difficult to get your head around for sure.


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