Greece signs up to shared aerospace data system

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Greece has become the final EUROCONTROL state to officially sign up to the AIS database. As a result of this agreement, Greek aeronautical information can now be integrated into EAD – providing the most up-to-date digital aeronautical information from the ECAC area, which covers 41 countries.

flag-greeceCommenting on the signing of the EAD agreement, the Greek Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Networks Christos Spirtzis, noted that it had involved a longstanding effort which had finally borne fruit for the benefit of the broader modernisation of ANS provision in Greece. Furthermore, the migration of the HCAA to the EAD would enable Greece to fulfil the regulatory obligations as laid down in ADQ regulation IR73/2010(EU).

As part of the Agreement, the HCAA will also be able to make use of the EAD systems and services, in particular:

  • INO: International NOTAM Operations for NOTAM management and distribution
  • SDO: Static Data Operations for the management of AIP data in AIXM format
  • PAMS: Published AIP Management System for the publication of (e)AIPs

It is expected that the HCAA will be declared fully migrated to the EAD by the end of 2016.

Launched in 2003, EAD is a centralised reference database of quality-assured aeronautical information for airspace users and an integrated AIS solution for service providers.

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