German control centre adopts 4D system

DFS and Indra move forward in the implementation of the Single European Sky by introducing the next-generation technology for control of upper airspace

The German air navigation service provider and consulting and technology provider Indra have implemented the next-generation iTEC Centre Automation System (iCAS) in the Karlsruhe control centre for most of the upper airspace above Germany. System tests and the first live operations at night have been successfully completed. Full operational use of the system is planned between November 2017 and February 2018.

As part of a nationwide modernisation programme, iCAS will replace the VAFORIT system, currently in place for upper area control in Karlsruhe. This will be followed by the system’s introduction at the German control centres in Bremen, Munich and Langen for lower airspace. It will also be introduced at the Amsterdam centre of the Dutch ANSP LVNL, Germany’s system group partner.

iCAS offers a higher level of automation and allows for 4D capabilities, trajectory prediction, flight path conformance monitoring and complete interoperability between control centres in Europe.

Robert Schickling, COO of DFS, said: “The deployment of the iCAS system is a major step towards attaining the objectives set forth by the SESAR programme for the creation of a Single European Sky. With iCAS, we will be able to deliver higher service standards for the users of Europe’s skies, we will have improved operational performance with increased capacity gains and cost-efficiency, and less environmental impact of flights. iCAS – the biggest investment and innovation programme at DFS – will replace the heterogeneous ATS systems that evolved  over time at our control centres with one common system.”


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