Gatwick sets out its critical role for Britain

London Gatwick has set out a series of positive steps it could take to help passengers, and the country, in its response to the Government’s call for evidence for its future Aviation Strategy, to help connect Britain to the world post Brexit.

The UK’s new Aviation Strategy will set the framework for the future of the sector – and Gatwick is fully committed to playing a positive role in the consultation process as the UK’s second largest airport.

Gatwick’s submission covers four critical areas – growth, competition, sustainable development and Brexit. In recent years, Gatwick has played an increased role in the global economy due to the airport’s booming growth in long-haul connections +17 per cent and subsequently cargo +20 per cent.

The submission outlines the vital role Gatwick will play in the future and reiterates the need for the continued safeguarding of land and airspace required for a second runway at the airport.

Gatwick’s submission agrees with the Government on the need to make best use of existing airport facilities, and also sets out the need to look at the sustainable growth challenges and the resilience of airport operations in what is already congested airspace around London.

Gatwick Airport Chief Executive Officer, Stewart Wingate said: “Gatwick is a national success story and the airport for the future. We are proud that we have become a vital part of the country’s national infrastructure over the last five years as we have grown. And we recognise the important part we have to play in Britain’s future.

“We believe it is important that the UK’s future aviation strategy recognises this continuing contribution to the national economy. It should allow Gatwick to continue to respond to the increasing demand from airlines and passengers for our growing network of global links. This is the best way of supporting competition and enhancing resilience.

“We are the busiest and most efficient single runway in the world but we are fast approaching capacity.  It is essential that our current operations and our future growth is supported and enhanced by the Aviation Strategy. Equally our submission repeats our pledge to deliver a privately financed second runway in a sustainable way.  Safeguarding the land and airspace arrangements required for any future expansion should be an integral part of the UK’s aviation growth strategy.  We believe this is essential if we are to protect and then grow Britain’s position in the global economy.”

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