Free Route Airspace event announced by EUROCONTROL

Free route

The EUROCONTROL Network Manager is holding an operational workshop on the Cross-Border Implementation of Free Route Airspace (FRA) in Brussels, on 29-30 June 2015.

free-route-illustrationIn its role as the Network Manager, EUROCONTROL is responsible for the implementation of an advanced concept of operations, including Free Route Operations and a pan-European view of FRA deployment.

For Europe, the Network Manager offers pro-active coordination as well as technical and operational support for local or sub-regional Free Route Airspace initiatives. It ensures that the requisite network improvements are in place to support those initiatives.

The years from 2015 onward will be pivotal ones for the implementation of FRA projects. A number of stakeholders – including States, ANSPs and FABs and aircraft operators – expressed a need to share their experiences on the development of cross-border Free Route Airspace implementation and to learn from each other.

Attendance at the Free Route Airspace Workshop is free of charge.

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