Finavia reveals design for new Helsinki airport facade

The next phase of Finavia’s significant investment at Helsinki Airport will begin when the airport’s check-in and arrivals halls and public transport connections are revamped. At the beginning of 2020, a completely new area serving air passengers will be completed in front of the current terminal.

Finavia organised an architectural competition for the expansion of Terminal 2, and the results of the competition were published on 5 June 2017. ALA Architects’ proposal called City Hall was chosen as the winner. The working group also included Arkkitehtitoimisto HKP and Ramboll Finland.

The wooden roof and the central square in front of the new terminal will become landmarks of the airport. Inspiration for the roof was Tapio Wirkkala’s Ultima Thule sculpture that is made of plywood used in airplanes.

Laila Pullinen’s Aurinko tunturissa (Sun of the Fells) has been displayed at the airport since 1969. Pullinen’s copper relief depicts the sun and the rugged fell landscape of Lapland. This could also be said of the wavy central square that will be built in front of the terminal.

The chairperson of the competition’s board and Airport Director Ville Haapasaari from Finavia said:. “Over the years, Helsinki Airport has been built piece by piece, and the different sections of the terminal represent design and architecture from different decades. City Hall combines all of these into one impressive entity that creates a smooth passenger path from the terminal doors all the way to the airplane seat.”

The current departure and arrivals halls of Terminal 2 will undergo a complete transformation and become part of the gate area. This means the airport will have more space for passengers.

The expansion will be built where the current parking hall P1/P2 stands. The entrance to the expansion will be completed with a square in front of the terminal.

The construction work will begin after summer 2018.


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