ERA concern following French strike

The European Regions Airline Association (ERA) has expressed significant concern regarding industrial action in France called by several air traffic controllers’ unions that saw air traffic controllers striking at several French airports.

Holidaymakers, businesses and airlines suffered, as travel plans were disrupted by the cancellations and delays caused by the strike in France. The ERA is calling the EU and national governments to put an end to this type of action which is hugely disruptive and costly to the entire aviation sector.

French air traffic controllers staged a strike at several airports in France, causing chaos for passengers travelling to and from France and also affecting flights within Europe that use the French airspace. The strike, which took place between evening of Monday 9 October and morning of Wednesday 11 October, was called by several French air traffic controllers’ unions in support of a national call for strike.

Paula Bangle, general manager business development, membership and communications at ERA, comments: “The strike action in France this week is causing misery to thousands of passengers as their travel plans are disrupted. The impact on airlines, businesses and passengers is considerable and costly. Airlines not flying to France will also be effected as they will have to fly around French airspace adding time, delays and fuel costs.”

The ERA is encouraging greater communication and discussions between all stakeholders involved to avoid this type of action and urges the EU and national governments to act now to stop any future disruption.

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