Dual-mode check in

Inter Airport

A Dutch company has been given the award in the interTERMINAL category of the 2013 inter airport awards.

Inter Airport
Arie Bos, managing director of Evans Airport Soutions receives his company's award

The DUO-CHECK system which was given its official launch at the inter airport event in Munich is a self service check-in counter that can be used in either a ‘Self Check-In’ or ‘Assisted Check-In’ mode to ensure both business and non-experienced passengers are properly accommodated.

It allows for flexible operation and increases the baggage handling system efficiency. Designed as a modular system, it enables the airport to integrate the counter in many different configurations within its current check-in and baggage handling footprint. Fully integrated with the CUTE and CUSS systems, the self-service counter is compatible with all major airline and baggage handling systems.

The system is designed to b used either completely unattended or manned with Ground Services staff and integrated with current CUTE/CUSS systems. The counter provides front access for easy maintenance and replacement of paper. It incorporates a printer for boarding pass, and a baggage tag and receipt. A PC is included according to customer specification and the unit also has an image scanner, card reader and 15” touch screen monitor.


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