Drone identification system tested

airborne-concept-article-drop-n-drone-4A new system to help identify and localise drones has been demonstrated to the French Technical and Innovation Directorate (DTI) of the Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC).

A flight of a multirotor mini-drone fitted with an ADS-B transceiver took place at Toulouse-Francazal airport, with participants visualising the position of the drone on a tablet computer. Teams working at DTI’s premises at a distance of around 10 km were then able to detect the drone during its second flight by means of an experimental ADS- B station. It is the ADS-B transceiver fitted on

The mini-drone which enabled DGAC operators to visualise the drone in real time on an air traffic control screen, similarly to aircraft.

The ADS-B transceiver developed by Airborne Concept and Egis is mounted on a drone and it automatically broadcasts messages, with position and identification data, on a radio frequency that is traditionally used in the aeronautics industry. The technology is interoperable with air traffic control systems and it is potentially an effective solution to ease public fear of an increasing number of drones taking to the sky according to the developers.

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