Cyber expert warns of terrorist threat to airports

International cybercrime expert and UN advisor, Dr Jim Kent has warned that airports around the world are facing increased threats of infiltration from terrorists who would launch catastrophic attacks from within.

Dr. Kent is the Global Head of Security and Intelligence with global data investigation and cyber security company, Nuix. He says there is a serious risk of terrorist groups targeting airports security systems and penetrating their IT infrastructure in order to recruit, extort and even launch devastating attacks. Dr. Kent’s warning comes after the increasing number of revelations that airports are struggling to cope with an influx of corrupt customs and security officials.

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He says that the disclosure in 2012 that an entrenched network of corrupt customs officials had been operating out of Sydney Airport as well as last week’s major security breach at Melbourne airport confirm that terrorist have the ability to infiltrate airports.

Dr. Kent said “We have clear evidence that radicalised jihadist groups are infiltrating mutli-billion dollar global companies to covertly use their structures and technologies to prepare for attacks.”

“Organisations really need to scrutinise their internal structures and systems to uncover avenues virus groups may attempt to exploit.”

“Whether its logistics to track where assets are moved, finance to monitor cash flows or human resources to see patterns in positions filled – these are all elements that come together to tell a story of how organisations can be infiltrated and used in different ways.”


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