Companies launch airport self service offering at PTE

Gemalto and IER have launched Fly to Gate, an end-to-end self-service for passengers designed to provide secure biometric authentication from check-in to boarding.

The service gives the traveller the option to check-in on mobile or at self-service kiosks in airports. It includes automated bag drop points, border control, security and boarding gates

According to the company it also provides easy integration with immigration systems, with facial recognition and document verification adding another level of security.

Launching the service at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Amsterdam last week the company said: “Airport travel is booming and this means that the industry and authorities will need to deploy automated solutions to optimize the flow of passengers while guaranteeing stringent security.”

According to the company Fly to Gate supports multimodal biometric verification including facial recognition, document verification and integration with immigration systems.

Maxime Boulvain, CEO at IER said the service would use automation techniques to improve customer satisfaction, implement consistent identity and document verification procedures, and maximise commercial revenues by giving passengers more time to shop at the terminal.


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