Cologne Bonn installs FOD detection system

Outside Cologne Bonn, laser-based clearance test system for detecting foreign objects

Cologne Bonn airport is using a laser-based clearance test system for the detection of foreign objects such as spilled luggage from baggage trollies on its landing area.

CologneThis airport is one the biggest German hubs for freight traffic and it decided a laser-based object detection system was required due to the existing ban on night flights.

LASE PeCo Systemtechnik GmbH, Germany supplied the system and said that a time saving of 15 minutes can be achieved. Previously each vehicle had to give a wide berth to the airfield. For example one logistics provider carries perishable food to the maneuvering area in order to supply the planes. Initially the construction of a bridge or tunnel was planned as an alternative, but wasn’t feasible due to complex structural measures.

The laser-based application will ensure a reliable detection of fallen items of luggage with minimum dimensions of 50 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm, which derive from the trolley after passing the crossroads area according to the system developers.

Before two installed boom gates close, the crossroads area is checked for foreign objects by two 3D laser scanners. After that sweep is completed, the operator receives a message on his display. In an object is detected, an alarm will be given immediately, and the location of the detected object is shown within the LASE-Software screen three-dimensionally.

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