Cleverciti launches 3D outdoor digital parking display

Cleverciti is to launch the industry’s first 360 degree real-time digital signage solution for pole and aisle wayfinding. The Cleverciti CIRC360 is an omnidirectional floating LED sign that displays live parking information in 360 degrees and can be mounted on existing lampposts of any size and type within 15 minutes.

Capable of displaying selected information for drivers approaching from different directions, the CIRC360 can be located directly above parking spaces and utilized for a range of dynamic on-street and open-air digital signage applications; including the combination of local parking guidance with advertising and other messaging, such as smart city data, as well as security notifications.

Cleverciti Systems is a disruptive solution combining IoT (Internet of Things) and big data expertise which has revolutionized the management of on-street and open-air parking. Now in daily operation in over 15 countries worldwide, Cleverciti is proven to be extremely accurate and reliable while also improving the standard of living of citizens.

The Cleverciti platform offers real-time digital parking guidance via its parking app features which can be integrated into client apps as an attractive front-end. The Cleverciti app provides motorists with live overviews of available and occupied parking spaces, guiding them directly to the nearest available space in the immediate vicinity. Cleverciti’s shopping mall app will guide drivers directly to the nearest space of the store of their choice.

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