Call for evidence for Airline Insolvency Review

On Monday 16 April, a call for evidence for the Airline Insolvency Review was published. Following the collapse of Monarch last year, the government commissioned a review to examine reforms needed to ensure passengers are protected when airlines fail. This is the first step in the review, which will produce a final report by the end of the year.

The review will set out how best to ensure consumers are protected against the consequences of airline insolvency. It will consider the practical measures needed to repatriate or reimburse people and how to fund the associated costs.

The call for evidence document contains an introduction to airline insolvency, sets out the context of the review, the challenges of responding to an airline insolvency, and also sets out next steps and how to get involved with the review. It also contains a foreword from review Chair Peter Bucks.

The collapse of Monarch affected hundreds of thousands of people and the review will aim to ensure that passengers are protected from events like this in the future.

When the final report is published, it will offer the Transport Secretary recommendations on repatriation, refunds and on how the current financial protection arrangements for air-travel holidays can be put on a more commercial basis.

Peter Bucks, Chair of the Airline Insolvency Review, said: “The Monarch failure showed the importance of passenger protection against the failure of their airline. We saw how effective the operation to repatriate passengers was, but the experience also brought home the limitations of the current protection arrangements that we will need to address.

“This Call for Evidence is aimed at stimulating thinking and sets out the process by which the Review will engage with the views of airlines, their passengers and others with an interest. We are approaching these complex problems with an open mind and are keen to hear from all with ideas.”

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