Bristol uses passenger flow system


Bristol Airport is implementing a queue and flow management system from Denmark-based BLIP Systems to help improve operational efficiency. BlipTrack measures passenger flow and dwell times, which enables the airport to understand how travelers move through and use the airport.

Passenger numbers exceeded seven million miles for the first time in Bristol Airport´s history in 2016. The system will help management to retrieve both live and historical information about walking routes, entrance and exit usage and time spent in specific areas—such as car parks, check-in, security, lounges, and gates.

The system consists of dedicated WiFi/Bluetooth sensors and an analysis platform. Paul Davies, Operations Director, Bristol Airport said: “We wanted to introduce a state-of-the-art technical solution to the challenges airports face in improving customer flow management in the terminal. The system has capabilities of further enhancements which will provide other long term solutions in the future.”

Internationally, more than 30 international airports use the Danish technology, including Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, JFK Airport in New York, Copenhagen, Oslo, Brussels, Geneva, Cincinnati and Auckland. The solution is also implemented in road traffic in Thailand, Switzerland, New Zealand.


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