Blast resistant barriers developed for airports

A new blast-resistant barrier has been developed for the airport market by queue management company Tensator. Made from Micam panels, the Tensator Micam Protection (TMP) systems can be used to manage passenger flow or cordon off out of access areas through airports during usual service, according to the company.

Micam is reinforced glass-fibre and strong enough to absorb the force of a blast without breaking up and causing injury to people nearby, the company says. The panels have been designed to stretch on impact, reducing the amount of debris generated. The system is ASIAD compliant and has been tested by blast engineering specialist Crossley Consult Ltd. The system is already in place at a number of UK airports, it adds.

Adam Walsh, European Business Development Executive at the company said:  “The barriers can be configured to fit any space, with the ASIAD compliant model bolted down for enhanced security.”


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